• Now, we talked about how characters have advantageous and disadvantageous matchups, and how you can judge a matchup based on weapon color, right?

  • However, there are some characters without colors. I guess someone just forgot to color them in!

  • Right! It must be a mistake… No, of course it isn’t. Who would do that?

  • Colorless characters have no color attribute; in other words, the color-based matchup rules don’t apply.

  • Also, colorless characters can attack from long distances, so watch out!

No Weapon Triangle Advantage!

Some weapons aren’t governed by the color rules. Since colorless characters aren’t affected by matchup rules, they are a good choice if you aren’t sure which attribute to use. However, there are skills that grant effectiveness against colorless units or skills like Bowbreaker that are powerful against colorless units.

Colorless Weapons

There are three types of colorless weapons: bows, daggers, and staves. Bows and daggers can attack enemies from a distance of two spaces, while staves are used to recover your allies’ HP. When using colorless weapons, fighting differs from when using conventional weapons like swords and axes. We’ll explain this in detail later!