• Maybe if I throw my lance as hard as I can, I can hit a foe from far away. Here I go! AAAHHH!

  • I’m sorry, Sharena, but in this world, it’s just not possible to throw a lance.

  • Hmph! I’m jealous of bow-wielding Heroes and dagger-using Heroes who can attack from far away.

  • And that’s not all they’re good for! They can also inflict heavy damage on certain foes or lower a foe’s defenses.

  • Ugh, now I’m even more jealous! Professor Anna, I really want to throw my lance…

Against Flying Foes, Bows Are Deadly

Similar to magic, bows are long-range weapons that can attack foes from two spaces away. Attacks are possible even if there is an ally or obstacle between the bow-wielding Hero and the foe. This means that one-way attacks are possible by making skillful use of terrain. Bow-wielding Heroes are also effective against flying foes.

Daggers Weaken Foes

Similar to bows, daggers can be used to attack foes from a distance of two spaces. A special feature of daggers is the ability to decrease a foe’s stats. You can increase your firepower even more by having a dagger-wielding ally soften up foes for allies that have high offensive capabilities.