• Let’s see what the mailbag has for us today! This first letter comes from “S in Askr.”

  • “I’m a member of a certain…heroic order. I serve under a commander who has an obsession with money, leaving me with lingering doubts about her priorities.

  • “I think I’d feel more at ease if we could bring in some more powerful Heroes to keep the order strong. Please, help me find some Heroes that would be immediate assets to the team!”

  • …Nice try, Sharena, but you could have been a bit more secretive about your identity.

  • Heh heh! Sorry, I just thought that recruiting some strong Heroes would make everyone’s lives easier—yours especially. So, do you have any leads?

  • Immediate assets… In other words, Heroes that are fighting fit and ready to go? Well, I have an inkling…but I’m not convinced by your excuse for that letter of yours.

Recruit Heroes That Are Ready for Action!

Sometimes, you’ll receive Heroes as rewards for completing quests, Grand Hero Battles, and so on. Quite often, these Heroes will be immediate assets to your team. Here are three particularly powerful Heroes that you can acquire.

5★ Fjorm: Princess of Ice

Obtained: Complete “Chapter 1: The Flame” in Main Story, Book II.
Fjorm can counterattack ranged foes, and her stats are high overall. Additionally, she has the exclusive special skill Ice Mirror that makes her excellent at both attacking and defending.

5★ Ike: Vanguard Legend

Obtained: Complete “Xenologue 3: The People’s Hero” in Paralogues.
Ike has the skill Warding Breath, which reduces the cooldown on his special skill when a foe initiates combat, and he’s also capable of counterattacking ranged foes. His exclusive special skill Radiant Aether lets him heal himself while delivering a heavy attack to an foe.

5★ Black Knight: Sinister General

Obtained: Starter Support Pack from the shop.
This Hero can be purchased from the shop instead of being obtained as a reward. As an armored Hero, he has low mobility, but otherwise, he has tremendous capabilities, including an exclusive special skill. His Starter Support Pack also comes with some additional bonuses, such as Orbs and Stamina Potions.