• Let’s see what the mailbag has for us today! This first letter comes from “S in Askr.”

  • “I’m a member of a certain…heroic order. I serve under a commander who has an obsession with money, leaving me with lingering doubts about her priorities.

  • “I think I’d feel more at ease if we could bring in some more powerful Heroes to keep the order strong. Please, help me find some Heroes that would be immediate assets to the team!”

  • …Nice try, Sharena, but you could have been a bit more secretive about your identity.

  • Heh heh! Sorry, I just thought that recruiting some strong Heroes would make everyone’s lives easier—yours especially. So, do you have any leads?

  • Immediate assets… In other words, Heroes that are fighting fit and ready to go? Well, I have an inkling…but I’m not convinced by your excuse for that letter of yours.

Guaranteed 5★ Heroes

Here are some 5★ Heroes who can be obtained simply by progressing through the story.

Ike: Vanguard Legend

Complete “Xenologue 3: The People’s Hero” in Paralogues to obtain Ike: Vanguard Legend. Ike has a skill that speeds up the cooldown on his special skill, and he’s also capable of countering attacks from any distance. His powerful special skill lets him heal himself while attacking.

Fjorm: Princess of Ice

Complete “Chapter 1: The Flame” in Main Story Book II to obtain Fjorm: Princess of Ice. Fjorm can counter from any distance, and her stats are high overall. She also has a special skill that makes her excellent at both attacking and defending.

Eir: Merciful Death

Complete “Chapter 1: Death” in Main Story Book III to obtain Eir: Merciful Death. Eir has a skill to restore 10 HP to whichever ally’s HP is lowest (after taking damage) at the start of a turn.

Guaranteed 5★ Heroes from Free Summons

Free Summons will provide you with one 5★ Hero. While all of the 5★ Heroes are powerful assets, here are some recommendations if you’re having trouble choosing.

Hector: Brave Warrior

Available in “Free Summon: Arrival of the Brave.” Hector can counter ranged attacks, as well as perform follow-up attacks regardless of speed. A rock-solid option when it comes to both attacking and defending.

Veronica: Brave Princess

Available in “Free Summon: Arrival of the Brave.” Veronica’s weapon skill prevents foes from countering her and lets her debuff foes and buff allies when she attacks.