• Commander Anna, look what I found during the battle! Isn’t it pretty? Just look at that fiery glow!

  • Why, that’s a blessing—a hard-to-get and precious item! I wonder how much they go for these days… Hmm…

  • Are you sure we should sell it? I’m no expert, but it does look like we could use it for something…

  • …Huh?! Oh, sorry. One minute I was there, and the next I was daydreaming about counting towering stacks of coins. Bad habit.

  • Anyway, you’re right. Blessings can be used to endow Heroes with all kinds of special benefits, so I’d say we stand to gain a lot from this find!

  • Why do I get the feeling that you’re still thinking about making money? Anyway, it sounds like blessings are important, so I’m glad we’re not selling this one!


There are four types of blessings: fire, water, wind, and earth. Legendary Heroes and Heroes who have received a blessing will always earn double EXP and SP in battle. Additionally, Legendary Heroes will also provide stat boosts to blessed allies when certain prerequisites are met.

How to Confer Blessings

To confer a blessing, select the Ally Growth option from the Allies menu. You will need a blessing item, which you can obtain through event rewards or by completing quests.

Prerequisites for Receiving Stat Boosts

There are two prerequisites for receiving stat boosts from Legendary Heroes.

Get a Legendary Hero

Like blessings, Legendary Heroes can be one of four types: fire, water, wind, or earth. Once you’ve conferred a blessing on a Hero, place a Legendary Hero that matches the blessing’s type in the same team.

Watch the Season

Boosts can only be received when the blessing matches the current season. The season changes at the same time that the Arena refreshes. You can check the current season by looking at the icon, which can be found in the top-left of the Home Screen and on other screens.

Types of Boosted Stats

You can identify which stat will be boosted by looking at the icon next to a Legendary Hero’s attributes.