• So this is the Arena, where the mighty do battle! Wow, everyone here looks like they mean business!

  • The Arena consists of 21 tiers, and you can go up a tier depending on your performance.

  • Once you get to a high enough tier, you can score loads of Hero Feathers and Orbs as rewards for winning!

  • Really?! Then I’m going to spend all day in here! I’ll bring back hundreds of Orbs every day, just you wait!

  • Far be it from me to turn down a good deal, but there’s no need to be quite so greedy here. You can only take part three times a day. If you don’t have an item to replenish your Dueling Swords, you’ll have to stick to the daily limit.

  • D-did Anna of all people just call me greedy? …I need to go home and reexamine my priorities.

Taking Part in the Arena

The Arena is a score-based competitive mode played against players across the world. There are two different ways to play: the regular Arena, and Arena Assault. The Arena has seasons consisting of one week each, with your performance appraised at the end of every season. Additionally, each season offers rewards based on your winning streak.

Do Battle Against Players Across the World

In the regular Arena, you can spend a Dueling Sword to do battle against another player’s Heroes, which will be controlled by the AI. You can choose from three difficulty levels, and a chain bonus will be added to your score during a winning streak (up to a limit of 5 victories in a row).

Defend Against Other Players Automatically

Sometimes, your team will be chosen to do battle against another player, in which case the battle will be recorded as a defensive battle. These battles are all conducted automatically, requiring no particular input from you. You can nominate a defensive team from the Edit Teams screen, which will place a shield icon to the left of that team’s name.

Once You Feel Confident, Try Arena Assault!

Arena Assault is a difficult mode that requires you to win seven times in a row, but also allows you to use beneficial items in battle. To take part, you’ll need to field seven teams comprised of different Heroes to fight in each battle, so you may wish to wait until you have a strong enough force to send. However, as taking part in Arena Assault costs nothing, you can always use Auto-Battle and see how the battles unfold.