• Commander Anna? …Oh, she’s not here. I wonder where she went?

  • The Commander just left with Fjorm, joining the Special Water Blessing Team – which, coincidentally, brings me to the topic of today’s tip.

  • Namely, that if you send a Hero that has been given a water blessing into battle alongside Fjorm during the water season, that Hero’s Spd will increase.

  • Wow! Anna was already pretty light on her feet to begin with, but now she’ll be zooming across the battlefield like there’s a big half-price sale on the other side!

  • Er…quite. Surely there’s a nicer way that you could have put that…

Creating a Spd-Boosting Party

Heroes that have had a water blessing conferred can receive a Spd+3 boost if the water season is active and Fjorm: Princess of Ice is in the same team.

5★ Black Knight: Sinister General

Can be obtained from a Starter Support Pack. Increasing his Spd helps to prevent enemies from initiating follow-up attacks against him.

4★ Anna: Commander

Higher Spd gives Anna more opportunities to perform follow-up attacks.

4★ Takumi: Wild Card

Takumi’s Threaten Spd skill reduces the Spd of nearby enemies, giving him a significant advantage.