• Look, Sharena, at the end of the day, we’re the same. Sure, we both want to let our hair down and relax a little sometimes…but if we don’t take the time to get stronger, we won’t survive this.

  • And that’s why today, I’ve got some tips for you on how to efficiently earn EXP and make your life a little easier!

  • I see… I may not be Sharena, and technically, my hair is down already, but let’s hear it.

  • Wh-whoa! Where did Sharena go?! How could she fail to show up when I have a perfect tutorial just waiting for her?!

  • Well, that’s completely ruined my intro. Okay, think, Anna. How do I sell this to Alfonse?

  • Commander, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but…could you just tell me what the tips are?

Use Auto-Battle in Special Training!

A high number of enemy reinforcements appear in Special Training battles, which is great for earning lots of EXP. Take a moment to tweak the game settings, then start boosting your allies’ levels with Auto-Battle!

Recommended Settings

Select Settings from the Misc. menu, then adjust the below settings to make for a smoother Auto-Battle experience:

– Combat Animations: Off
– Support Animations: Off
– Auto-Battle Text: Auto-Advance

Allies Won’t Lose EXP If They Retreat!

Allies will keep any EXP they’ve earned, even if their HP drops to 0 in combat and they’re forced to retreat. This lets you Auto-Battle through Special Training without fear of losing progress in strengthening your allies.

Use Shards and Crystals!

If any of the allies you want to level up have a particularly low level, shards and crystals are an efficient way to get them up to speed. Shards are used for levels 20 and below, while crystals are used for levels 21 or higher.