• We’ll be fighting the leader next… Hmm. A lance foe. I guess I should equip Lancebreaker, then… Wouldn’t hurt to have a Close Def seal, either.

  • Is everything all right, Commander Anna? You were mumbling a bit. If you were giving us orders, it’d help if you spoke up!

  • Oh, sorry about that! I was just thinking to myself. You see, I was working on a skill set—which is a pretty handy way to equip skills without having to pick them out one by one.

  • Once you’ve organized some skill sets and chosen the skills and Sacred Seals that you want, you can then equip your sets later to quickly switch in skills and adapt to different situations.

  • Sets for different situations… How many skill sets can you have, exactly?

  • Everyone gets five sets to customize. You might find it useful to orient your sets toward specific purposes—for example, you could create sets to use in the arena or Grand Conquests!

How to Use Skill Sets

Select Allies → Change Equipment → Edit/Equip Skill Sets to get started. You can configure five skill sets to equip individual allies with the skills and Sacred Seals that you want. Customize sets for each of your allies and switch between them to adapt to different situations!

Editing Set Names

You can change the names of the skill sets. Set names are shared for all allies, so you might find it helpful to use names like “Arena”, “Conquests,” or “Trials” to make it easy to tell what different sets are for when equipping them to your allies.

Example Set: Arena

In the Arena, it’s important to ensure that none of your allies are defeated, while also making sure that you secure a swift victory over your foes. Creating skill sets like the one shown below can go a long way toward helping you achieve this.

Equipping Sets to Teams or Brigades

If you want to equip skill sets to a team or brigade, select Equip Skill Sets, then Select by Team. This will allow you to equip sets to all allies in the team or brigade of your choosing. Please note, however, that if the same Sacred Seal is used in sets for multiple allies, the seal will be only equipped to the first ally in the line-up of the team or brigade who can use it.