• Oh, by the way—have you ever heard of Duo Heroes?

  • No…I don’t think so… That’s a rather casual “Oh, by the way” for something that sounds so…exciting!

  • Wouldn’t that just make it a regular quiz? Anyway, Duo Heroes are just that: a duo of Heroes who share a close bond.

  • Really? That sounds a lot like me and Alfonse! Exactly like me and Alfonse, even!

  • Similar, maybe, but this is on a whole other level. The Duo Heroes I’ll be talking about today are united by truly exceptional bonds that allow them to fight as one.

  • They have unique skills that can only be used once per map, as well as traits that make them useful to have in Aether Raids and the Arena. They might even be able to overcome tough situations that can’t be handled by one Hero alone!

Duo Skills

Each Duo Heroes unit has a special Duo Skill. While these skills can typically only be used once per map, they all have powerful effects. Select your Duo Hero on the map and tap the Duo button to use their skill.

Duo Skills in Aether Raids

Some Aether Raid structures can increase the number of times Duo Skills can be used or nullify Duo Skills on certain turns. Keep an eye out for those structures when checking out your opponent’s defenses!

Pairing Up

Duo Skills cannot be used by units deployed using Pair Up.

Standard Effect: Duel

If you deploy a Lv. 40 5★ Duo Hero in modes like Arena, higher-scoring opponents will appear even if the unit’s stat total is low, helping you to climb the tiers.

Special Voiceovers

Tap the conversation icon on the profile screen to listen in on a special conversation between the Heroes that you won’t hear anywhere else!