• It’s nice when Heroes have powerful skills you can inherit, but why do they all have to be 5★?!

  • It is a shame that they have to go back home once we’ve inherited their skills…

  • Oh, I can’t decide! Is it better to keep them fighting for us, or is it better in the long run to just keep their skills?!

  • It’s a hard question to answer, isn’t it? That’s why I’ve got a whole room of level 1 5★ Heroes waiting on standby, just gathering dust while I agonize over what to do with them.

  • It’s a true lifelong struggle, that’s for sure.

A Skill: Distant Counter

This skill gives infantry allies with an attack range of 1 the ability to counterattack at long range.

5★ Hector: General of Ostia

A Skill: Death Blow

Increases Atk when the unit initiates combat.

4★ Klein: Silver Nobleman

B Skill: Vantage

When the unit’s HP is below a certain amount, the unit can attack first during a counterattack.

4★ Lon’qu: Solitary Blade

B Skill: Quick Riposte

When the unit’s HP is below a certain amount, the unit can perform follow-up attacks when counterattacking.

5★ Subaki: Perfect Expert

5★ Klein: Silver Nobleman

B Skill: Wings of Mercy

If an ally’s HP is below a certain amount, the unit with this skill can move to a space neighboring that ally regardless of distance. However, the unit can only move to spaces with terrain over which it can travel.

4★ Cain: The Bull

C Skill: Hone Atk

Increases the Atk of adjacent allies by a maximum of +4 at the start of the turn.

4★ Olivia: Blushing Beauty

C Skill: Drive Spd

Increases the Spd of surrounding allies (within two spaces) by a maximum of +3 during combat.

4★ Tailtiu: Thunder Noble

C Skill: Hone Cavalry

Increases the Atk and Spd of adjacent allies by +6 at the start of the turn.

4★ Gunter: Inveterate Soldier

C Skill: Ward Cavalry

Increases the Def and Res of surrounding cavalry allies (within two spaces) by +4 during combat.

4★ Eliwood: Knight of Lycia