• That foe over there isn’t moving an inch. I must seem really fearsome!

  • Your overconfidence is dangerous! Some foes don’t move until you enter their attack range.

  • How cunning! Well, if my foe won’t make a move, I’ll take the fight to the coward!

  • Don’t jump to conclusions! Always use a Hero with a weapon-triangle advantage when drawing out a stationary foe.

  • When drawing out a foe, be sure to use the Danger Area to check spaces where you can be attacked.

  • Commander Anna, it looks like you are a better match against that foe than I am. I’ll leave this one up to you!

Plan Your Route

Be careful of foes who don’t attack until you enter their attack range. Once a battle starts, you should first check the attributes of your foes and change the initial formation of your Heroes. Then, plan your attack route before moving.

Understanding the Danger Area

During battles, tapping the Danger Area button at the bottom of the screen causes a section of the map to be highlighted in red. This shows the area where you can be attacked by foes. Check the Danger Area carefully when planning your route.

Use Heroes with Strong Def as Bait

One technique is to use Heroes with high Def as bait to lure a foe forward. Once the foe approaches, attack with multiple Heroes or use Heroes with favorable matchups to crush the foe. However, when positioning Heroes as bait, be careful of being attacked by multiple foes.