• Hmm… I see! We’re not the only ones with an Aether Keep―our rivals have keeps of their own too!

  • That’s right! Once you’ve got an Aether Keep, you can attack your opponents’ keeps, and you’ll have to defend your own too, of course.

  • When you’re taking part in Aether Raids, your goal is to raise your AR Tier by making sure you keep winning efficiently!

  • I have a question, Commander Anna! These raids really do take place all the way up there in the sky, right?

  • I guess there won’t be much use for Heroes who can’t fly or don’t have flying mounts…

  • Don’t worry about that! There’s plenty of opportunities for everyone to play an active role, even if you can’t fly.

Start by Attacking First!

Challenge your rivals’ Aether Keeps to battle and win to increase your Lift. You won’t lose Lift if you fail to win a battle you started, so keep throwing down the gauntlet!

Efficient Ways to Raise Your AR Tier

To raise your AR Tier, you’ll need to challenge numerous rivals and win in order to increase your Lift. Here are some tips on how to efficiently go up the tiers.

Take Advantage of Bonus Effects!

Meet the conditions below, and you’ll earn more Lift when you are victorious in battle. Take advantage of bonus effects to give your AR Tier a big boost upward!

– Have a bonus character in your team
– Ensure as few units as possible are defeated

You can also place bonus structures in your Aether Keep. These each increase the level of the Fortress (O) or Fortress (D) by 1, which can potentially boost your allies’ stats depending on the level of your foe’s Fortress (O) and Fortress (D).

Accumulate Aether!

Attacking will consume Aether, which replenishes once per day. You can also gain Aether by destroying Aether Fountains or Aether Amphorae
installed in your opponent’s keep. Gather up Aether so that you can challenge more opponents and increase your Lift!

Lift at the End of the Season

When the season changes, Lift levels will be reset to the starting value (if you have achieved AR Tier 12 or above). Be aware that once Lift levels have been reset, your AR Tier will go down if you then lose a defensive battle and your Lift decreases.