• Is it just me, or do Legendary Heroes have a different vibe to them? They’re Heroes just like us, but there’s something completely awe-inspiring about them. Like some kind of aura!

  • I’m not surprised you got that impression—Legendary Heroes are the heroes that all Heroes strive to be, and they’ve got special traits to boot!

  • Special traits? Like what?

  • OK, here’s an example. Let’s say you’ve got hold of a wind blessing, and you bestow it on an ally. If the season’s right, that ally will get a boost to their stats just from being in the same team as a wind Legendary Hero!

  • Wow, really? And they only have to be in the same team? I knew Legendary Heroes were charismatic, but I didn’t realize they were THAT charismatic!

  • What’s more, there are all kinds of effects exclusive to Legendary Heroes. If we can get a few to help us out, we’ll practically multiply our fighting strength!

HP+3 Legendary Effect

All Legendary Heroes come with the HP+3 Legendary Effect, and in addition, they also have either another Ally Boost stat bonus on their Legendary Effect or they have the Standard Effects, Duel and Pair Up.

Legendary Effects

Legendary Effects grant stat boosts to allies with a matching blessing during the appropriate season.

Standard Effects

Standard Effects aren’t affected by seasons and are always available to the Legendary Hero.
Note: These effects aren’t applied to allies who have received a blessing.

Stat-Boosting Legendary Effects

Legendary Heroes with stat-boosting Legendary Effects will have an icon indicating which stat they influence next to their element icon.





Duel/Pair Up Standard Effects

Legendary Heroes who have the Duel/Pair Up Standard Effects will also have an icon to indicate these effects.

Duel/Pair Up


This effect allows 5★ level 40 Legendary Heroes to challenge foes with high scores in places like the Arena, even if their own stat total is low, helping you to reach for higher tiers.

Pair Up

This effect allows Legendary Heroes to fight as a pair with another ally in certain places.

Receiving Mythic Effects

If the season matches both the Legendary and Mythic Heroes in a team, the Legendary Heroes will be able to receive Mythic Effects in Aether Raids.