Commander Anna's going to teach me the basics, special techniques, and everything in between. Come learn it all with me!

Beginners' Guide

Guide for Returning Players

Meet some of the Heroes

Introducing Resplendent Heroes

Learn with Sharena: Popular Articles

055 Learn About Duo Heroes!

054 Pair Up to Fight as a Team of Two

053 Restrictions on Receiving Blessing Effects

052 Learn about Mythic Heroes’ Traits

051 Learn about Mythic Heroes’ Traits

050 Status Icons

049 Dragonflowers and Heroic Ordeals

048 Learn Your Allies’ Traits

047 How Special Skill Damage Is Calculated (Advanced)

046 How Special Skill Damage Is Calculated (Basics)

045 How Damage is Calculated

044 Sending Heroes Home Wisely

043 Arena Maps with a Twist

042 Tips for the Arena (2)

041 Tips for the Arena (1)

040 Switching Skills at the Right Time

039 Recommended Flying/Cavalry Setups

038 Recommended Armored/Dragon Setups

037 Take On Tempest Trials!

036 Build Teams around Blessings!

035 Changes in Mobility

034 Focus on Your Formation!

033 Watch Out for Debuffs, Too!

032 Buffing Allies in Battle

031 Allies Who Benefit from Refined Weapons

030 Learn about Refined Weapon Effects!

029 Materials Needed for the Weapon Refinery

028 Defensive Maps and Teams

027 Dress Up with Accessories!

026 Take Advantage of Tactics Drills!

025 Creating and Equipping Skill Sets

024 Strengthen Allies by Merging Them!

023 Checking Your Defenses

022 Defensive Maps and Teams

021 Building a Raiding Party

020 Editing Offense Maps

019 Take Part in Raids to Increase Your AR Tier!

018 Take on Your Rivals in Aether Raids!

017 Gather Items to Unlock Your Allies’ Potential!

016 Unlocking Your Allies’ Full Potential

015 Sacred Seals Recommended for You

014 Sacred Seals Tips for Different Ally Types

013 How to Acquire Sacred Seals

012 Power Up with Sacred Seals!

011 Summoner Support: A Bond between Player and Hero

010 Ally Support: Bonds between Heroes

009 Use Combat Manuals to Make Space in Your Barracks!

008 Heroes with Great Skills to Inherit (2)

007 Heroes with Great Skills to Inherit (1)

006 Conditions pour transmettre une aptitude

005 Skill Synergy

004 Experiment with Inheriting Skills

003 Inheriting Hero Skills

002 Hero Appearance Rates

001 How to earn Orbs