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Spring Princess


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Fire Emblem Heroes

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Spring Princess Veronica

You’re in for a surprise! Veronica, the Emblian princess herself, is coming to the Spring Festival in style!
Veronica’s wearing an outrageously adorable white bunny outfit for the occasion. Isn’t it sweet?
The standout of her outfit is the big, floppy ears—look, they go all the way down to her knees! I think Veronica’s the only one who could pull off this look.
Bruno’s coming to the Spring Festival too, and I’m sure they’ll make a wonderful brother-and-sister duo!

Closely Associated Characters


Veronica’s older brother and a prince of Embla. He works on his own to aid Veronica however he can.


The eldest prince of Nohr. Though he was originally bound to Veronica by a contract, he continued to aid her even once freed from the contract.