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Breaking the Ice


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Fire Emblem Heroes

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Breaking the Ice Ylgr

Ylgr, the youngest of the princesses of Nifl, has come to join the fun at our summer vacation!
Isn’t her swimsuit cute? …It’s too cute! I’m not equipped to deal with this much cuteness at once!
Ylgr can’t hide how excited she is about her first day at the beach. I hear she’s brought a whole bunch of things along, so she can catch up on all the summer activities she’s been missing out on!
I don’t think there’s anything that says “family summer fun” more than the sight of her together with Gunnthrá. *sigh* Wish I had a cute little sister instead of Alfonse.

Closely Associated Characters


The first prince of Nifl. He has a cool disposition, and is always watchful for danger.


The first princess of Nifl. She has a calm, motherly demeanor.


The second-eldest princess of Nifl. Ordinarily a gentle girl, she has sworn vengeance on her nemesis, Surtr.