The Trickster


Appears in

Fire Emblem Heroes

Let Sharena Introduce You!

The Trickster Loki

Loki once opposed us as the tactician serving the Kingdom of Múspell. She’s a mysterious and beguiling Hero who no one can quite figure out!
For one, she has the power to look like anyone. In fact, she once turned into Commander Anna to trick us!
Even after Múspell’s defeat, Loki has continued to appear in other worlds to hatch her schemes. But what could she be after?
Sometimes it seems like she’s just playing games when she deceives us and the Heroes. Well, we’ve summoned her as an ally now, so I hope she takes things a little more seriously!

Closely Associated Characters


King of Múspell, the Kingdom of Flame. Loki aided him with his conquest of Nifl, the Kingdom of Ice.


Known to mortals as the god who presides over combat and war. Respects mortals who display true strength. She and Loki have known each other for some time.