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Dream-King Freyr

Freyr is the gentle and compassionate king of Ljósálfheimr. He’s originally from Vanaheimr, the realm of light, and is also known as the god of plenty!
After leaving Vanaheimr, Freyr established Ljósálfheimr together with his sister, Freyja. But their kingdom nearly perished when humans forgot about dreams…
Hoping to save the world of dreams and soothe the hearts of people, Freyr lifted some human children out of unfortunate circumstances and transformed them into álfar. He felt conflicted about intervening so directly in people’s fates, though.
After our encounter with Freyja, Freyr sacrificed himself to save us. I hope he’ll now be able to make the rest of his dreams come true in Askr!

Closely Associated Characters


The queen of Dökkálfheimr, the nightmare realm. Her love for her brother Freyr drives her to wish she could stay with him no matter the cost.


Goddess of Vanaheimr, the realm of light. She exudes a maternal aura and adores all the many creatures who live upon the land. Freyr’s aunt.