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Bearing Dawn


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Fire Emblem Heroes

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Bearing Dawn Reginn

Here’s Reginn wearing her charming new outfit for the New Year celebrations! She’s originally from Niðavellir, but now she’s joining the fun here in Askr!
I wonder if she’s ever worn a kimono before? Well, she certainly knows how to wear one in style—did you notice the gear-like pattern on her sleeves? That’s the crest of Niðavellir!
She also brought a plush otter toy to accessorize her look. Wait a minute… Otter… Ótr… No, never mind. I thought I was onto something for a moment there!
Anyway, you don’t need a New Year’s fortune to tell that great things await Reginn this year! The future looks bright for both Askr and Niðavellir!

Closely Associated Characters


Adoptive brother of Niðavellir’s king, Fáfnir. Worships his brother and supports his ambition. Reginn’s adoptive brother.


King of Niðavellir who rose from his station as a lowly soldier. Remembers nothing of his past. Reginn’s adoptive brother.