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Let Sharena Introduce You!

Bluster Princess Dagr

Dagr, princess of Jötunheimr, is here for the wind festival—and she’s definitely dressed the part!
Her festival outfit is appropriately breezy and loose-fitting, and her bangles have streamers that dance in the wind. Of course, the red-and-white color scheme remains unmistakably Dagr!
She’s also personalized her festival look with a sword that resembles a tengu fan…but it’s that bird kite that really catches my eye! Has she always been this good at flying kites, I wonder?
Full of energy as she is, Dagr is a natural fit for a lively festival like this one. I hope she gets the chance to relax and enjoy herself!

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The crown princess of Jötunheimr and twin sister of Dagr. Appreciates the finer things in life, prizing beauty and elegance.