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God of the Land Nerþuz

Nerþuz is a goddess who rules the land of Vanaheimr, the realm of light. She’s the sister of Njörðr, the god who rules the seas!
She’s also the aunt of Freyr, the king of Ljósálfheimr, and his sister, Freyja, the queen of Dökkálfheimr. A gentle goddess, Nerþuz loves all things that live on the earth, from beasts to human beings.
But now she’s secluded herself within the Land Temple, having stolen the Ár, source of her brother Njörðr’s power. Doesn’t she know siblings are supposed to get along nicely with each other?
If we’re going to stop Gullveig’s curse from bringing the world to ruin, we need the power of the Ár. After desperately begging Nerþuz, we managed to get it from her without any trouble! I still don’t really understand her advice, but we should be able to stop Gullveig’s curse now!

Closely Associated Characters


The king of Vanaheimr, the realm of light. Elder brother of Nerþuz.


Dream-King of Ljósálfheimr, the dream realm. Nephew of Nerþuz.


Queen of Dökkálfheimr, realm of nightmares. Niece of Nerþuz.