Prince of Light


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Prince of Light Marth

Wow! Doesn’t Marth look even more heroic than usual today? That’s because the outfit he’s wearing is based on that worn by Anri, the Hero who founded Altea!
And of course, the sword he’s carrying is the sacred Falchion! Anri once went on a quest to retrieve Falchion and brought it back to Altea, which was still only a town back then. He then used it to defeat the Shadow Dragon Medeus, ruler of the Dolhr Empire!
But true victory over Medeus had yet to come…until a century later, when Marth followed in Anri’s footsteps to claim Falchion and slay the revived Shadow Dragon!
Anri was rewarded with a kingdom of his own, but he was unable to marry the woman he loved because of his common origins. So I hope Marth finds true and lasting happiness with his betrothed, Caeda!

Closely Associated Characters


Princess of the small kingdom of Talys. Showing kindness to all, she is beloved by the people. Marth’s betrothed.