Special Hero

Carefree Culprit


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Carefree Culprit Rickard

Having made a reputation for himself in Archanea, Rickard’s come to the festival in Askr dressed as a suave master thief!
Here’s his special outfit, which features a mask that is sure to keep his true identity a secret. It’s a stylish little number that makes good use of dark colors, contrasting nicely with his cheeky, playful nature!
He’s also carrying a cane with an elegant rose design—but watch out, because this rose has a thorn! There’s a sword concealed within for when dangerous situations need to be handled with gentlemanly grace!
Rickard isn’t used to the new look yet, but I’m sure the skills he learned from his mentor Julian will serve him well throughout the festival’s events!

Closely Associated Characters


A reformed thief who takes the War of Shadows as a chance to atone for his crimes. Lives and works in a convent with Sister Lena. Rickard fondly looks up to him as a mentor in the art of thieving.