Masked Maniac


Appears in

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Masked Maniac Legion

This is Legion, the masked warrior! We’ve got a few mask-wearing Heroes in the Order of Heroes, but Legion is…especially unique.
He’s a member of a group of assassins working in the shadows of Archanea, and together with his ally, Clarisse, he’s carried out no small number of missions on the orders of their leader, Eremiya.
Legion also seems to be everywhere at once—if you see him in one place, you might see him in the middle of a fight somewhere else just moments later. Stranger still, he seems to keep coming back even after being defeated.
I tried to ask Legion about the secret of his curious powers, but he ran off before I could get a reply! I wonder where he went… Wait, is that him right behind you?!

Closely Associated Characters


A bishop in service of Gharnef, and leader of a group of assassins that includes Legion. Formerly a kind-hearted caretaker of war orphans.


One of a group of assassins plotting to kill Marth. Katarina’s friend. Cruel and lacks manners, but yearns for a family. Legion’s ally.