Scarlet Sword


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Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

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Scarlet Sword Navarre

Navarre is a mercenary who some might recognize by his long hair and red garb. A master swordsman, his fearsome reputation in Archanea is such that most people know him simply as the Scarlet Sword!
He’s walked the length of the continent to fight for those willing to pay for his services. There’s no comparing him to the average mercenary—he’s a cut above!
But he does have a gentler side. For one, he never draws his blade against a woman. When Phina was separated from her group, Navarre became her bodyguard, betraying a gang of thieves and joining the Altean army to keep her safe.
Navarre triumphed in battle after battle during his travels through Archanea as the Scarlet Sword. Having him on our team would make the Order of Heroes stronger than ever!

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A self-confident dancer. The swordsman Navarre saved her life when she had been attacked by thieves.