Caring Princess


Appears in

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

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Caring Princess Celica

Celica is a priestess of the Novis Priory. But this humble post is a cover for an incredible secret: she’s the princess of the Kingdom of Zofia, and her right hand bears the Brand to prove it!
The royal family of Zofia was thought to have been wiped out, having been betrayed in a coup by Chancellor Desaix. But the young Celica escaped and was taken to Ram Village, where she met Alm.
Celica grew up to be an outstanding young priestess, and in order to get to the bottom of the disturbances occurring all over the world, she set out on a pilgrimage to Mila’s Temple.
During her travels, she discovered her secret birthright, and was reunited with Alm. Together, they struggled to bring peace to Valentia!

Closely Associated Characters


A brave but kind young warrior raised by the hero Mycen in Ram Village, where he grew up with Celica. His left hand is marked with the Brand.