Special Hero

Dressed with Care


Appears in

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Dressed with Care Genny

Genny had a quiet upbringing on Novis, an island close to the continent of Valentia, where she served at the priory.
When the war came, however, Genny was unexpectedly swept up in the conflict. This time, however, she’s involved in a much more welcome surprise: the picnic!
Here’s her picnic outfit. It’s got a pretty different vibe to her usual cleric’s outfit, right? I mean, she’s even more adorable than ever!
With Genny’s powers to heal and soothe the weary at the ready, we’ll be able to spend all day at the picnic without ever getting tired. I can’t wait!

Closely Associated Characters


A priestess of the Novis Priory, who is in fact the princess of Zofia. She is inspired by mercy and grace, and is opposed to war and conflict. Celica sees Genny as a little sister.


A mage from Novis who grew up dirt-poor. He joins Celica when she leaves Novis.


A mage from Novis and a dear friend of Celica. Always cheerful and energetic, but she has a tendency to get carried away.