Naga’s Blood


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Naga’s Blood Julia

Julia is the princess of the Grannvale Empire. During her early childhood, she had a happy upbringing, surrounded by a warm and kind family.
But one day, her older brother Julius changed completely! He stole the throne from their father, Emperor Arvis, and even attempted to kill Julia.
Julia was so shocked and devastated that she lost her memories. Protected by Lewyn, she was then entrusted to Seliph, who was fighting against Grannvale.
At the time, neither had any idea that they were actually half siblings, though they would learn that later on. The bonds shared by Heroes really can be surprising at times!

Closely Associated Characters


Inheritor of the sacred sword Tyrfing. A savior in his time, but dislikes battle. Julia’s half brother.


A central figure of the tragedy at Belhalla. Brought three children into the world as dictated by the whims of fate. Julia’s mother.


Prince of Silesse. A descendant of Ced, one of the 12 legendary crusaders, and inheritor of the wind tome Forseti. Protects Julia.