Special Hero

Bridal Novice


Appears in

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Bridal Novice Shanna

Here’s Shanna, the bright, cheery trainee pegasus knight from Dieck’s band of mercenaries! For this special appearance, she’s wearing an elegant bridal outfit!
The design of her outfit is true to her active, energetic nature, featuring a light, soft skirt that doesn’t restrict her movements, and a pair of long boots.
Meanwhile, the bow she’s carrying features a stained glass pattern, reminiscent of a wedding chapel. It’s positively glowing, just like a young couple in love!
Shanna’s breathtaking bridal outfit is a striking change from her usual, more practical wear, but her cheerful smile is beaming brighter than ever. She’ll be unstoppable no matter where she goes!

Closely Associated Characters


Head of the mercenary groups employed by Pherae, having once been a gladiator himself. Shanna serves under him as a mercenary.


A retired pegasus knight and older sister of Thea and Shanna. Joining the bridal festival alongside her husband, Zelot.


The second of three sisters who are pegasus knights of Ilia. She is talented and sincere, but she can be lacking in flexibility. Shanna’s older sister.