Special Hero

Earsome Warrior


Appears in

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Earsome Warrior Bartre

Everyone looks forward to seeing adorable outfits at the Spring Festival, so here’s something a little different—a bunny with rippling muscles! Hello, Bartre! You seem to be in an especially good mood today.
Here’s Bartre’s rabbit outfit. It’s got a charming bandana that resembles drooping bunny ears, but that’s where the cuteness stops. With his shirt left wide open and his shorn sleeves, Bartre’s channeling the primal wildness of the humble bun-bun!
He normally favors axes, but this time, Bartre is carrying a carrot-shaped sword. How colorful and festive!
Bartre’s a strong presence wherever he goes, and the festival is no exception. This beefcake bunny’s going to make it a Spring Festival to remember!

Closely Associated Characters


Daughter of the warrior Bartre and the swordmaster Karla. She has taken a moment away from training to visit the spring festival.