General of Ostia


Appears in

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

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General of Ostia Hector

A member of House Ostia, the family that rules the largest territory of Elibe’s Lycian League, Hector is the younger brother of the current marquess.
One day, the father of Hector’s old friend, Eliwood, went missing. Upon hearing of this, he rushed to help his friend with the search, ignoring opposition from all those around him.
But just before he was due to leave Ostia, Hector was attacked by an assassin! With the assailant’s identity and goal unknown, the incident left Hector with a deep sense of foreboding.
He feared that someone might be after Eliwood as well, so he left Ostia as quickly as he could to make sure that his friend was safe!

Closely Associated Characters


A sincere noble of Pherae. His friends Lyn and Hector serve him loyally.


A woman who grew up on the plains before learning she is nobility of Caelin. Hector’s sworn ally.