Special Hero

Summer Prodigy


Appears in

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Summer Prodigy Lute

Who’s that in a swimsuit reading through a book about plants and herbs? I’ll give you a hint: “There’s no one better than me!” That’s right, it’s Lute!
Lute comes from Renais, and she joined Ephraim and Eirika in their battle against Grado—though I get the impression that her research into magic was always her priority.
Even while she’s on vacation, there’s no stopping her burning desire for knowledge! I wonder if she’s browsing that book for herbs that will be useful for her magic?
Anyway, doesn’t she look great? Oh, hang on, Lute wants to add something… “Of course my swimsuit is the perfect choice. Must I remind you that I am also a prodigy of profound genius?” Well, there you go—I guess she’s just as much of a prodigy at fashion as she is at magic!

Closely Associated Characters


Princess of Renais. Ephraim’s twin. Cares dearly for her brother. Her kindness has sometimes put her in danger. During her travels, she gains Lute and her friend Artur as allies.