Special Hero

Harvest Princess


Appears in

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Harvest Princess L’Arachel

L’Arachel is the princess of Rausten. Sure, she’s a member of high nobility and doesn’t hide it, but she’s very friendly and open-minded too! This time, she’s making her harvest festival appearance dressed as a mad scientist!
Normally, she uses her staff to heal her allies, but you wouldn’t get that impression from her costume today! That white coat and glasses are a whole new look for her.
She’s got the fashionable evildoer look down pat, but don’t forget that it’s just for show! For the festival, she’ll be taking Dozla around with her and handing out candy to all the kids!
She looks fabulous in her usual princess outfit, but this costume is super cute too. I’m sure the kids will just love her this harvest festival!

Closely Associated Characters


An attendant in L’Arachel’s service. A hearty man with a thirst for life, who treasures children above all else.