Legendary Hero

Undaunted Queen


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

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Undaunted Queen Elincia

The kingdom of Crimea was once brought low by a war that ravaged the continent of Tellius. It was Elincia who rebuilt Crimea and, after the war, guided its recovery as its queen!
Still, the political situation in Crimea was very unstable when Elincia ascended to the throne. Powerful nobles dissatisfied with her rule rebelled, and the kingdom found itself at war once again.
Despite the conflict and intrigue, Elincia remained resolute and didn’t shy away from dealing with each problem as it came—earning her admiration both within and outside of Crimea.
Kindhearted yet strong-willed, Elincia led Crimea forward, carrying both the royal sword Amiti and the hopes of her people as their true and rightful queen!

Closely Associated Characters


Paladin leader of the Royal Knights of Crimea. His loyalty for his homeland and Queen Elincia knows no bounds.


Daughter of Count Delbray and master of the blade. She supports Elincia, sharing a bond stronger than that of most siblings.


Deputy prime minister of Crimea and trusted ally of the new queen. During the war, he visited many countries to engage them in diplomacy. Employs his resourceful wit and wisdom to support Elincia.