Crimea’s Keystone


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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Crimea’s Keystone Bastian

Bastian is a member of House Fayre, one of the most famous noble houses of Crimea. He was once a retainer and civil servant to Elincia’s uncle, Prince Renning.
A master diplomat, Bastian is one of the sharpest minds in Crimea! Now he’s putting his ingenuity and political wisdom to use in aiding Elincia’s rule as queen.
He does have his quirks, though—he often speaks in a playful manner that can confuse people. Maybe he does it on purpose to keep people guessing?
Even when Crimea fell to Daein, Bastian continued to fight alongside Elincia’s retainers so that she could one day rebuild the kingdom. I hope he can spare some time to share his political insight with us here in Askr!

Closely Associated Characters


Daughter of Count Delbray and master of the blade. She supports Elincia, sharing a bond stronger than that of most siblings. She fights alongside Bastian to defeat Daein.


Paladin leader of the Royal Knights of Crimea. His loyalty for his homeland and Queen Elincia knows no bounds. Lucia’s younger brother and a trusted friend of Bastian’s.