Gallia’s Lion King


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Gallia’s Lion King Caineghis

Caineghis is the king of Gallia, a country of laguz. As his appearance might suggest, he can turn into a lion, complete with sharp fangs and claws!
He’s won the hearts of his people with his bravery and leadership, selflessly joining the battlefield to help defend Gallia from outside threats.
That’s right, he doesn’t just sit on the throne all day! He’s an outstanding warrior, and with those claws of his, he could tear a whole row of foes to shreds with a single blow.
Caineghis is an honorable man who never resorts to trickery and advocates for the coexistence of the laguz and beorc races. He’s clearly a wise man—we could learn a lot from him!

Closely Associated Characters


A feline warrior hailing from Gallia. Under orders from Caineghis, he helps the Greil Mercenaries after they defend Elincia, the Crimean princess.