Special Hero

Tiger of Fortune


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Tiger of Fortune Kyza

Happy New Year! This time, we’re joined by Kyza, one of the beast tribe laguz of Gallia. And just look at that fabulous kimono!
I love how the loose, blue scarf draped over Kyza’s shoulders contrasts with the white ties holding the kimono tight. That really hints at how the tiger laguz are nimble but powerful warriors!
That wooden plaque in Kyza’s hand is called an ema, and it’s a traditional New Year’s item on which you draw or write something that represents your wishes for the coming year. I see they’ve chosen to draw a picture of Ranulf!
Hopefully this wish will help them win Ranulf’s heart in the New Year. Whatever happens, I’m rooting for you, Kyza!

Closely Associated Characters


A cat warrior from Gallia, the home of the beast tribe of laguz. Though young, his king trusts him deeply. Considered the right hand of the future king. Kyza’s superior officer.


A cat warrior from Gallia, home of the beast tribe of laguz. Wrapped in a kimono for the first time, she is enjoying herself to the fullest. Kyza’s subordinate.