Special Hero

Autumn Goldoan


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Autumn Goldoan Kurthnaga

The Kingdom of Goldoa, land of dragon laguz, is the most mysterious realm in all of Tellius. How fortunate we are, then, that Goldoa’s very own prince is joining us for the harvest festival! Welcome, Kurthnaga!
Kurthnaga is wearing a special outfit for the festival that isn’t Goldoan, but it certainly does stand out from his usual attire. I hear it’s based on the garments worn by mages from a faraway land!
Speaking of standing out, just take a look at that magical weapon he has with him! I understand it’s a kind of paper lantern, and it’s giving off such an enchanting glow!
The dragon laguz of Goldoa rarely have contact with the outside world, so this must be a truly special day for Kurthnaga indeed. I hope he gets the chance to see all the sights the harvest festival has to offer!

Closely Associated Characters


One of the Three Heroes who saved Tellius from chaos. Joined the harvest festival after hearing dragons are somehow involved. Kurthnaga’s father.