Special Hero

Autumn Tactician


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Autumn Tactician Ena

Ena, one of the dragon laguz, is coming to the harvest festival! That exotic outfit she’s sporting is based on the jiangshi, a type of monster from a faraway land!
I hear that jiangshi are pretty stiff, so they can only get around by hopping with their arms outstretched. I bet Ena looks so cute with her sleeves flapping around when she hops!
In true harvest festival style, Ena’s hat features a pumpkin design. By the way, that talisman hanging off her hat is part of the magic used for sealing spells! I guess the spell didn’t take.
Oh, look! Ena’s hungrily hopping away in search of vital energies to devour…by which I mean candy! Ena always seemed so aloof and mysterious to me, so it’s great getting to see her act so adorable!

Closely Associated Characters


One of the Three Heroes who saved Tellius from chaos. Joined the harvest festival after hearing dragons are somehow involved. Father of Rajaion, Ena’s fiancé.