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Blessed Wings


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Blessed Wings Rafiel

Rafiel, the first prince of the fallen kingdom of Serenes, is making an appearance in his groom’s outfit! He’s always been strikingly beautiful, but now he’s more elegant than ever before!
His garb features the classic Serenes style with a white color scheme, but the top has been given a Hatari-style twist in honor of the homeland of his partner, Nailah.
Incidentally, the flowers he’s carrying are a unique kind that only grows in the desert surrounding Hatari! Aren’t they beautiful?
Rafiel and Nailah truly adore each other, but once she sees him in this outfit, she might fall in love all over again. I hope they stay happy together forever!

Closely Associated Characters


Queen of Hatari, a desert nation spoken of mostly in legend. Her eye patch conceals an evil eye. Rafiel’s partner.


Prince of Serenes, the former kingdom of the heron laguz. Brother of Leanne and Rafiel. Frail, but strong willed.


Princess of Serenes. Rafiel and Reyson’s younger sister. She speaks the ancient tongue and has not yet mastered the language of Tellius.