Duo Hero

Dawnsworn Ninja


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Dawnsworn Ninja Sanaki

Sanaki, empress of Begnion, and Micaiah, queen of Daein, are two sisters who steered the fate of Tellius. And now, they’re stirring up the ninja festival in special new outfits!
Sanaki’s ninja outfit features the same rich red color as her apostle’s garb. The fur lining around her neck adds a mix of cute charm and regal bearing that suits her perfectly!
Meanwhile, Micaiah’s ninja outfit features the colors of the clothing she wore when she was a member of the Dawn Brigade. The scarf she’s wearing features a water-surface pattern that brings out her mystical vibe!
Both Sanaki and Micaiah bear the burden of heavy duties, and it’s rare for them to get a chance to be free to act as they please. In fact, I hear they’re secretly attending the festival—just like a real ninja mission!

Closely Associated Characters


Under the divine protection of Ashera, the goddess of order, she battled Yune as one of the Three Heroes. Ancestor of Sanaki and Micaiah.