Special Hero

Hoppy New Year


Appears in

Fire Emblem Awakening

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Hoppy New Year Yarne

Here’s Yarne, a taguel who can transform into a rabbit-like form! He’s making a special appearance to celebrate the New Year with us, and he’s wearing a kimono that matches the one worn by his mom, Panne!
Doesn’t he look distinguished in his indigo-purple haori? He’s also wearing hakama pants decorated with a tortoiseshell pattern, symbolizing longevity!
To go with his outfit, Yarne has brought a charm in the image of his mother, Panne. It looks like it’s very important to him—perhaps it represents his wish for the survival of the taguel?
The fear of being the last of the taguel haunts Yarne, so he welcomed in the New Year with a few reps from his special Anti-Extinction Exercise Program. Looks to me like the taguel spirit is still going strong!

Closely Associated Characters


Yarne’s mother, and the last of her generation’s taguel. She has a calm yet indomitable disposition.