Empty Vessel


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Fire Emblem Fates

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Empty Vessel Takumi

Takumi is the second prince of Hoshido, and he’s always been a little difficult to get along with. But there’s something about him today that’s really telling me to steer clear…
Oh, this must be why! It seems that Anankos, the Silent Dragon, has taken control of Takumi’s mind, and turned him into his pawn!
Takumi is famous for his skills as an archer, and even with Anankos in control, his aim is as sharp as ever. In fact, I get the impression it might have gotten sharper!
As Anankos’s pawn, it’s inevitable that Takumi will clash with Corrin, his own sibling. I just hope that one day, he and his siblings will be able to all get along together once again…

Closely Associated Characters


The king of Nohr. Intends to invade and rule over Hoshido. Like Takumi, he is made a pawn of Anankos.


The ruler of Valla and a First Dragon. Having lost his grip on sanity, he despises the world. He makes Takumi his pawn.