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Fire Emblem Fates

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Focused Samurai Hana

Hana is one of the personal retainers to Sakura, the second-eldest princess of Hoshido. She’s a ray of sunshine who keeps everyone’s spirits high, as well as a master samurai who trains day in and day out!
Hana and Sakura have been friends since they were children. In fact, I hear Hana often picked up a lot of scrapes during her training back then, and Sakura would treat her injuries. How sweet!
Nowadays, Hana’s wounds mainly come from protecting Sakura on the battlefield, and I hear they’ve left a lot of scars—marks that Hana proudly considers proof of her service as a samurai.
When Hana was just a girl, there were some people who thought she couldn’t cut it as a samurai, but I think she’s done a pretty good job at proving just how wrong they were! Nice work, Hana! We’ll show ’em what real strength is!

Closely Associated Characters


Princess of Hoshido who is a gentle healer. Struggles with her shyness. Hana’s liege and friend since childhood.


Sky Knight of Hoshido who aims for perfection. One of Sakura’s retainers. A friendly rival to Hana who helps her to hone her skills.