Budding Flower


Appears in

Fire Emblem Fates

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Budding Flower Elise

Today I’ll be introducing you to Elise, the budding flower of Castle Krakenburg! She’s a pure-hearted young lady who’s just absolutely adorable.
Elise is the sister of Corrin, Xander, Leo, and Camilla, and they all get along fantastically with her.
In fact, Elise’s friendly, open personality makes her very popular with just about anybody. She always knows the right thing to say, and can win people over in no time at all!
Not even war can put a damper on Elise’s sweet disposition. Her smile continues to build bridges between people today!

Closely Associated Characters


Nohrian prince respected for his military prowess. Wields the divine blade Siegfried. Elise’s older brother.


Princess of Nohr who dotes on her sibling Corrin and is merciless to foes. Elise’s older sister.


A talented Nohrian prince who wields the divine tome Brynhildr. Elise’s older brother.