Special Hero

Resolved Wolfskin


Appears in

Fire Emblem Fates

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Resolved Wolfskin Keaton

Keaton is the leader of the wolfskin, a tribe of people who are able to transform! Today, he’s joining us in a kimono for the New Year celebrations in Askr!
The idea of transformation might conjure up some scary first impressions, but Keaton is actually very friendly and outgoing! He’s always ready to have a good time, and so he was naturally drawn to our New Year party.
Keaton seems like he might be uncomfortable in his fancy new outfit, but I think he looks lovely dressed up in his formal wear!
Oh, and I see that his daughter Velouria has come dressed up too! Here’s hoping they have lots of fluffy fun together during the celebration!

Closely Associated Characters


A young woman of the wolfskin tribe. In high spirits and elegant clothes for the New Year. Keaton’s daughter.


The chief of a hidden village of kitsune. He has absolute confidence in the beauty of his fur. Good friends with Keaton.