Special Hero

Renewed Wolfpup


Appears in

Fire Emblem Fates

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Renewed Wolfpup Velouria

Velouria’s a member of the wolfskin tribe, and she’s come to Askr wearing a lovely kimono to celebrate the New Year!
The things that I associate with Velouria the most are her cute little ears and her big fluffy tail. I guess she takes after Keaton there, and her kimono pairs perfectly with his as well!
You know, I hear that her kimono has even been specially customized so that she can show off her tail. I can see why she’d be proud of it!
Velouria has a habit of collecting odd items, and she’s always on the hunt for “treasure,” but I think good fortune is going to come straight to her this year!

Closely Associated Characters


Proud leader of the wolfskin tribe. Celebrating the New Year in garb that is completely new to him. Velouria’s father.


Kaden’s daughter, carrying kitsune blood. Highly curious and fearless. Ready to take on any challenge. Friends with Velouria.