Adorable Adorer


Appears in

Fire Emblem Fates

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Adorable Adorer Soleil

Soleil is the daughter of Laslow, a swordsman in Nohr’s employ. Much like her father, she’s a skilled swordfighter, with a radiant smile that leaves an impression on all who see it.
Another thing she picked up from her father: she’s an incorrigible flirt! Whenever she sees any “cuties,” Soleil can’t help but come over to say hello.
Still, when times are tough, Soleil’s always the first to say “turn that frown upside down.” No matter what difficult situation she may find herself in, she never complains.
And despite her flirtatious habits, Soleil is truly strong and devoted at heart. She’ll keep smiling through the most desperate of times, fighting to make sure that nothing dares to darken the day of cuties the world over!

Closely Associated Characters


A mysterious man with a flair for dancing and flirting. One of Xander’s retainers. Soleil’s father.


Xander’s son. As a king-to-be, he received the finest education. Serious and kind. Soleil’s future liege.