Duo Hero

Shadowy Figures


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Fire Emblem Fates

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Shadowy Figures Nina

Well, well, well, who’s this suspicious-looking duo? Why, it’s Nina and Kagero, and they’ve crossed the divide between Nohr and Hoshido to form a team of master thieves!
Capes have always been a standout part of Nina’s look, but her cape this time is even bigger than what she normally wears. She’s also wearing a lovely mask, adding an air of mystery to her outfit!
As an experienced ninja, Kagero’s taking a more subtle, sophisticated approach to thieving fashion. Her calling card, which has a blue rose attached to it, is just fabulous, too!
With Nina’s boundless energy balanced by Kagero’s reserved composure, these two are sure to make a great team. I just hope Kagero can keep Nina’s head out of the clouds before her daydreams go too far!

Closely Associated Characters


Nohrian scoundrel who wags his saucy tongue at everyone. One of Leo’s retainers. Nina’s father.


The eldest prince of Hoshido, who wields the legendary blade Raijinto. Relies on Kagero, his trustworthy retainer.