Vengeance Vessel


Appears in

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Vengeance Vessel Byleth

Uh-oh! There’s something different about Byleth today. For one, she’s speaking with a lot more…gravitas? And did her voice always sound like that?
The truth is, there’s someone else inside of Byleth—Sothis, called The Beginning by some. Now Sothis has taken control over Byleth’s body to help her escape from danger!
Wow, it looks like Sothis really knows how to fight! Sothis prefers decisive and direct action, so I suppose she must find Byleth’s style of combat exasperating.
Sothis fights with her all to keep her vessel Byleth safe. I just hope that she doesn’t get too carried away and end up hurting Byleth herself!

Closely Associated Characters


Mysterious girl that sits upon a throne within dreams. Full of emotion, her attitude changes by the moment. She dwells within Byleth’s mind.


Famed former captain of the Knights of Seiros. Moved on to lead a band of mercenaries after the loss of his wife. Byleth’s father.


A mercenary who wandered Fódlan. Though ordinarily rational, a burning desire sleeps within them. Seeks to surpass Byleth.